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Oilatum Bath Additive

For Child 1 month–11 years. For infants, add ½-2 capfuls to a basin oilatum bath additive of water. Indications and dose; Indications and dose. Indications and dose; Indications and dose. How to use Oilatum Junior Bath Formula. Only 7 left in stock. Oilatum 600 ml Junior Emollient Bath Additive by Oilatum 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Pat dry Shop Oilatum Junior Bath Additive 150ml. It is a "one shot" wonder that goes away in a few hours and then leave you with the side effects of headaches and other oilatum bath additive more serious ailments It dentinox colic drops review is fragrance-free, and cleanses without soap, dispersing in the bath water (unlike ordinary bath oils which can form a film on the surface) to give an inviting, milky bath. Always use with water, either added to bath water or applied to wet skin. $32.98. For Infants: Add 1/2 to 2 capfuls to a small bath of water. Infant bath: Add 1/2-2 capfuls to a small bath of water, soak for 10-20 minutes, gently pat skin dry Oilatum ® emollient bath additive. what is canesten cream used for Apply gently over entire body with a sponge.

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