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How Much Co Codamol Can You Take

Talk to a doctor at once if you take too much of this medicine even if you feel well. The need to remove the feeling of how much is the pill intense pain can lead people to take co-codamol at increased levels, as described in this co-codamol addiction blog. Remember to take any remaining tablets and the pack with you. It is entirely possible to overdose how much co codamol can you take on co-codamol and doing so can cause serious damage to the liver and kidneys You can’t take co-codamol and paracetamol together and that’s because co-codamol already contains paracetamol as an active ingredient. If one is. Co-codamol tablets and capsules come in 3 strengths.

As AdamW says – its a mixture, you can get stronger co-codamol tablets, but these contain more codeine (upto 500/30 which have 30mg codeine), so two tabs, i.e. Taking too much co codamol can be harmful so it is important that you take the right dosage and do not increase your dose. Clark’s info one may need to consider the underlying comorbidities of the person including existing liver or respiratory issues and the other substances that they may also be using like opioids, benzos, hypnotics, etc. The lowest strength can be bought in your local pharmacy; however a GP will need how much co codamol can you take to prescribe the higher strength to you. The most common side effects of co-codamol are constipation and feeling sick (nausea) or sleepy. Always leave at least 4 hours between each dose and the maximum dose is 8 co-codamol tablets. If you take more co-codamol than you should. The following instructions apply to 8/500, 12.8/500, 15/500 and 30/500. Taking too much co-codamol can be very dermol shower emollient dangerous, so it’s important to leave a gap between your doses and not to increase doses even if you’re in.

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