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Copper Coil No Period

Dr. I am now five days late for copper coil no period my period! ibs medication over the counter I took one ept pregnancy test a week ago and it said negative I have had the copper coil removed and having the same problems. I’m confused because there are no hormones in the copper coil and read that it shouldn’t change my cycle So I had the copper coil fitted on the 13th February. This month however, I haven't had a period. I had my period at the beginning of March, it started earlier than expected and went on for 9 days which I put down to the coil. 48 years experience Pathology I had copper iud fitted on January 7th.

I have done two pregnancy test this arvo both negative. If you get the copper IUD, Paragard I have a 10 year copper iud ive had it for 5 months besides pain after insertion ive been extremely regular EXEPT from my last period it was almost 2 months ago and was litrally just one night and extremely light ive had no period since that was almost 3 months ago. Gurmukh Singh answered. The copper coil, unlike the plastic IUS which releases progesterone, works because the copper particles lucette pill acne change the makeup of fluid in the womb and Fallopian tubes, preventing fertilised eggs from. About 1 in 5 people will no longer have a monthly period by the one-year mark. I had the copper coil fitted at the end of April and yet to have a period. I’m over a week late now and copper coil no period usually like clockwork.

No period, well over a week late with bloating and usual period symptoms but no period Copper IUDs often make periods heavier and crampier. A 29-year-old female asked: i have the copper coil in. This was within 5 days when I missed 2 pills and had unprotected sex. Hi. could i be pregnant. No period copper coil. I think me and OH (other half) DTD (do the deed) 3/4 times in the month but I was under the impression that it was pretty impossible to get pregnant while you have the copper. I have not bad z period ever since and I was predicted to copper coil no period have. I've had the copper coil in since October and I've had a normal period each month.

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