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Cerazette Side Effects Weight Gain

Some of the side effects may also include changes in mood Warning. So yes I have put on lots of weight but tbh I think its more to do with me being a greedy guts & more happy & content than anything else Up until my first pregnancy I loved being on Cerazette (also have migraines, so was put on this years ago) - no periods, felt great, no weight gain, no side effects. It was brilliant! I had 2 periods for the duration of taking these cerazette side effects weight gain pills and both times were very light and lasted 3 or 4 days. 16/12/10 - 21:11 in Advice #1. When I started taking this pill, I wanted to lose weight, so I asked my doctor about the side effect of 'weight gain'. They won’t make you gain weight on your own, but they can affect your appetite. However, I lost a lot of weight whilst on this pill. cerazette, being the progesterone only pill can lead to heavy bleeding medical advice online uk if the schedule is not maintained Cerazette side effects weight gain Weight gain and stomach pains cerazette.

Some of the side effects may also include changes in mood Side effects to begin with weren't too bad, a few headaches here and there and some slight bloating and slight nhs order prescription online weight gain. Only if the person is already undergoing treatment for some other ailment or a disease - medical advice from a doctor should be sought cerazette side effects weight gain - to be on the safer side Cerazette may cause cysts on the ovaries and vaginal inflammation. Any sort of hormonal contraceptive can make you put on weight and quite often the side effects of them creep up on you over time so that you are fine when you first start taking them but over the course of a few months you slowly gain weight, lose your sex drive or turn into a crazy psycho bitch from hell and may not even realise cerazette side effects weight gain it's the pill causing it Cerazette weight gain is not the only possible side effects: these pills can also cause vaginal bleeding, pain, vaginal inflammation, cysts on the ovaries, loss of hair, fatigue, breasts’ sensitivity and loss of interest in sex side weight cerazette effects gain. Cerazette might be wonderful for you so it can be different for I’m on the Desogestrel pill I’ve tried all of the other once but I had a lot or side effect & I’ve gain from size 8/10 to a size 12 don’t know if my diet or the. kitty_koo Posts: 1,411. Also, I have a very low libido at the best of times..

I feel sorry for all the people who have had bad side effects I am on Cerazette & have been for almost 3 years now. This risk increases with cerazette side effects weight gain age and with heavy smoking (15 or more cigarettes per day) and is quite marked in women over 35 years of age Side effects. Cerazette and other birth control pills can contribute to weight gain indirectly. Cerazette may cause cysts on the ovaries and vaginal inflammation. Other side effects of Cerazette may include nausea, vomiting, headache, gain of weight, fatigue and loss of hair. (10 Posts) Finally my weight is going in the right direction and - aside from the other potential side effects of both of these contraceptives - I think it would be such a blow to, well, blow up again! As Cerazette does not contain oestrogen, users are not at risk of some of the side effects associated with taking a combined contraceptive.

Forum Member. My main fear is acne and weight gain which are two symptoms listed in the information leaflet. The explanation that she gave me was - 'You cannot gain weight with this pill alone Advice on Cerazette, a contraceptive 'mini pill' or progestogen-only pill, including how to take it, how effective it is, what to do if you miss a pill, cerazette side effects weight gain side effects and interactions with other. Some women may notice that their breasts have become more sensitive and that they have lost interest in sex.

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